CADRE Five Safes Framework

The first version of the CADRE Five Safes framework is now available for review: 10.5281/zenodo.5748610 

Please get in touch with Dr Steven McEachern at the Australian Data Archive (ada [at] anu [dot] edu [dot] au) if you would like to provide feedback.  

The CADRE framework includes the conceptual underpinnings and the guardrails for sensitive data access management and the range of information associated with the Five Safes principles that can be operationalised in a decision-support system. 

  • In the Introduction and Context sections the CADRE Platform project and the social science research data management practices associated with sensitive quantitative and qualitative data are outlined.  
  • In the Conceptualisation section a full exploration is undertaken of: the uptake of Five Safes framework in Australia; the concepts from the Five Safes framework i.e., projects, people, data, settings and outputs; additional concepts i.e., organisations and groups; and key intersections and alignments of these concepts.  
  • In the Operationalisation section the information requirements associated with managing sensitive data access requests and provisioning research environment services for sensitive data analysis are evaluated and initial information and data models are proposed for the CADRE information exchange.    
  • In the Appendices the user requirements from project partners helping to develop the CADRE Platform are summarised and sensitive data categorisations are collated. 

This paper is the result of the combined efforts of the Conceptual Working Group of the CADRE Project. The working group met on a fortnightly basis from May to October 2021 to review the existing Five Safes literature and concepts and to discuss applications and extensions of the framework to their specific use cases and the Australian context more generally.

Image credit: filtered timlewisnm cc-by-sa