Coordinated Access for Data, Research and Environments (CADRE) – A Five Safes Implementation Framework for Sensitive Data in Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences in Australia.

The CADRE platform will be a means to improve Australian researcher access to sensitive data by operationalising the Five Safes framework. The platform is being developed to fill a gap in national research infrastructure, remove barriers and enhance data access processes.

Image credit: Data Security cc-by 2.0

A system to:

  • Increase the speed at which social sciences and related disciplines get access to sensitive data
  • Decrease the risk, time and costs associated with providing access to data (for data holders) and accessing data (for researchers)

By means of:

  • The development of a shared and distributed sensitive data management platform using the Five Safes framework and common accreditation and information exchange protocols

In order to:

  • Enable data owners and users to address the core concerns around governance, creation, management and sharing of sensitive data for research
  • Share and move sensitive data safely between higher education, national research and government facilities and services

Project Outcomes

There are five project outcomes:

  1. Shared conceptual framework – efficiently and reliably connecting the elements of the Five Safes – People, Projects, Data, Settings and Outputs within a framework.
  2. Information exchange protocols – exchanging identifier and accreditation information between data users, providers and trusted access facilities – based on the AAF identity provision model
  3. Integrated data access management platform – managing data access requests from researchers and data supply from providers
  4. Pilot and production platform integrations – ensuring that four secure data access settings can interoperate: Data CO-OP, AURIN, AARNet’s Advanced Research and Education Network and Sensitive Data service, the Australian Data Archive.
  5. Training and engagement – enabling CADRE platform users and the wider research community – to raise awareness and capacity to use the platform.
Australian Research Data Commons
National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy

The CADRE project received investment (https://doi.org/10.47486/PL106) from the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC). The ARDC is funded by the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).