CADRE Project Update

Week 11 Technical: Split Tone

Over the past 12 months Project Lead A/Prof Steve McEachern (ADA Director) and Program Manager, Ingrid Mason. have been the overseeing project activity associated with work packages one (Framework) and two (Protocols). 

In the last few months, the project team expanded.  Project Coordinator, Craig Stedman started working on CADRE project to support the achievement of project milestones and liaise with partners to assist with the CADRE platform development (work packages three and four). Yolante Jones also commenced as the Community Coordinator. Yolante is seeking out researcher and research support engagement opportunities and is responsible for user training in Five Safes and the CADRE platform (work package five).

Last month also saw the appointment of our Technical Manager, Marina McGale. Marina brings a vast wealth of research software development knowledge and “full stack” technical skills to the project, having worked for many years at the ADA (Australian Data Archive).  Marina is also the team manager for work packages three (Platform), four (Pilots) and six (Operations) to gather and implement technical requirements identified by the project partners to enable faster and easier researcher access to sensitive social science data.  The CADRE project team will grow a little further still in Q2 2022 and include more technical staff. 

CADRE project activity is also now being coordinated with the IRISS (Integrated Research Infrastructure for the Social Sciences) project (also led by Steven McEachern and managed by ADA).

The IRISS project addresses the fragmentation of social science research infrastructure so that research data and environments are better integrated and interoperable. The crossover between the projects are the links between generating Safe Outputs (new data products and services for social scientists) through IRISS and the operationalisation of the Five Safes framework (and enabling researcher access to those data products through CADRE).  Social science research data is commonly sensitive because it contains information about people.   

Image credit: arriving Davide Vazzini cc by 2.0