Protocols and PIDs

Work Package 2 (WP2) “Protocols” has kicked off. 

WP2 involves designing a metadata (information) exchange for the CADRE Platform.  Our focus is on selecting information standards and protocols so that metadata across the CADRE partners can be coordinated and exchanged – and – considering how the proposed information architecture can be implemented.     

The Information Exchange will capture persistent identifiers (PIDs), data points and information will be collated and arranged.  The first step the project team are taking in this work package is to map what information is created and could be passed into the Information Exchange around a requestor and a sensitive data access request.  A preliminary run at the architecture for this highlights information captured in three areas:

  • Person and affiliation (organisation and/or group)
  • Data and request
  • Authorisation and access  

The CADRE project partnership has a mix of data and technical specialists expert in the development of scholarly graphs and metrics, persistent identifiers, and identity and access management.   

Which leads us to … we are glad to announce that Martin Fenner has joined the Research Graph Foundation! He will work on the CADRE project as the Solution Architect, and will be providing advice regarding implementation of the Foundation’s Augment API. Martin comes to the project with an illustrious background – he was the Technical Director of the DOI registration agency DataCite from August 2015 to July 2021, and technical lead for the article-level metrics project at Open Access publisher PLOS from May 2012 until July 2015.  He was a founding member of the Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier (ORCiD) board from 2010 to 2012. 

Image credit: Roundabout Jack Rice cc-by-nc