Project Phases

The CADRE project has three major phases 2021-2023.

Phase 1 – 2021


The development of the conceptual framework and the information exchange protocols (aka “the protocols”) – (WP1 and WP2).

Phase 2 – 2022


The development of the data access management platform (aka “the CADRE platform”) and the integration pilots (aka “partner platforms”) – (WP3 and WP4).  

Phase 3 – 2023


The partner platforms move into production with the CADRE platform and additional pilot integrations with the CADRE platform commence – (WP6). 

The Content and Technical working groups drive the Conceptualisation phase (WP1 and WP2) i.e., to establish a common set of requirements and to identify key alignments with new data access and transparency legislation. In the Development and Operations phases (WP3-WP4, WP6) the working groups will operate in the background as guidance and feedback mechanisms (ensuring the policy and technical requirements are in sync with and informed by findings through pilot developments). 

Work Packages

Five work packages (WP1-WP4, WP6) enable project partners to translate the Five Safes model and develop policy and technical requirements that inform platform development (in three phases). Two corollary work packages run across the project timeline (and all three phases).

Work PackageDescriptionLeadPhase
WP0Project managementANUAll
WP1Shared conceptual frameworkANUConceptualisation
WP2Information exchange protocolsSWINConceptualisation
WP3Platform: access managementAAFDevelopment
WP4Platform: pilot phaseANUDevelopment
WP5Community: training and engagementANUAll
WP6Platform: operationsANUDevelopment